Saturday, September 27, 2014

Oktoberfest at Paulaner Braühaus, Jakarta.

Germany has a special festival for all beer lovers in October, it's called Oktoberfest, where all the people drinking beer like no tomorrow. Unlike years ago, i usually celebrate it in different bars. Jakarta will never miss this kind of event. Many places have various kind of promo.

This year, Oktoberfest started early. I joined the celebration at Paulaner Braühaus, Grand Indonesia-Kempinski, Jakarta. They held the week full of craziness. As the opening date on Wednesday 24th September, my friends and I got the invitations. The crowd was incredible! 

We got the table straight in front the stage.
The beer was teriffic! I am a fan of Paulaner, the beer was always great, and this one was much more awesome. Besides this special free flow beer, the food was super! You know how amazing the pork knee? Wordless!

Paulaner also entertained us with a special Bavarian band. The performance was fun. We also taught the traditional dance. This was an amazing moment to remember. Beer competition was an ace too! Unfortunately we drank not fast enough too win. 2 seconds slower . 2 seconds for the sake of beer!

Thanks Paulaner Braühaus for the experience, the laughs, and the joy. Absolutely happy to be the part of it. And you know, you guys are allowed to be jealous! 

Sunday, August 3, 2014

The eyes

God is great. God creates us with all the complexity and never go wrong. How amazing this magic surprises called future is driven us wild.
Some people might just want to live where the wind blows, some just against the sea flow. It's all hard at some point. But it does worth it. And i'm grateful i havebeautifull eyes that can see the goods in every hard situations. That is what money can buy. Happiness is simple. My life is simple.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Eid Mubarak without mom

It's the fourth Eid Mubarak im sitting here in the same house where i grew up. Mom wasnt hear phisically but i know shes linger. Forgive me mom, i still make you sad and cry. Im trying to be better and its hard without you.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Smoking kills your noseyness

Tell me that you are right, when you interfere my privacy, it tells more about you rather than about me. No, I dont want to be a coward that ranting around on the back, however it such a waste to deliver the fact directly to the face.

Yes, I smoke and so what? I know it's dangerous and bad for health, though it doesnt change me as a person to be a bad one. Judge me, you'll get burn by your own fire game.

You may or may not like me as I am, this is how I am, and I would never change to be like what you want, cause when I change, I change to be a better me in my way.

Why is it becomes your problem when I don't even smoke infront of your face and burst the smokes to you? Is it a big matter to you if a woman smokes? Then think again if you ready to face the world with all the changes and globalization. There is a women empowerment movement where women have the rights to get equalization in life. Both in education and morally. 

Yes we live in a patriarch country. However, it's not right if men can smoke and women can't. You judge because you can't? HAHA, jealousy! I never bother your personal life so don't even think to bother mine. 

Boom! Just because you're comfort in the zone doesn't mean you always right. Don't mistake my seemed-ignorant-and-clumsy self with my intelligence and moral. My attitude to you is base on yours to me. 

I have my rules, and it lives as it is. It adapts well generically but not changed to only fit the society. I would not put my face for bargain. oh la la. Kinda emotional but just saying and no offense. *even i know its offending* 

If you have a problem with me, talk to me nicely and wisely then you may get the solution. If you are not fair and brave enough to talk to me in front of me and be wise, idgaf. xoxo

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Flashing my daily activities

Holla bad girls!
Well well well Madam Ketty is now occupied.
I'm having a new office full time job as a Marketing Communication Team at an IT (ISP) company in Cyber building, Jakarta Indonesia.
I have to postponed my plan to move to Bali for living because of this.
Many good and bad things went on in my days taught to be better as a person. More responsible one.
I have not many minutes to say here and there so let me show my selfie(s)!!!

Who is that blonde girl? She is my manager, peeps! hahaha.
Thats how my life is going now. Full of fun and creativity. 
Ciao bellaaaa....

Saturday, March 8, 2014

And the distance kills...

It's not impossible but definitely takes an enormous efforts.

It's March already. Many things happened in this short time. 2014 has a lot of stories for me. So far I learnt to removing negative people from my life and just enjoy the unexpected. It's getting happier.

I feel something is not quite right yet. My heart. When it comes to feeling and love, I feel a little bit blessed also cursed. Have you ever felt that way? Lately I've been missing people that came in my life last year. People that even had hurt me but still undenialable that had given me such a good comfort time too. People that have changed in interaction between us. I have changed too, I supposed. It's making it more complicated at this time.

My love life stories not far away from distance. I mean, a real distance. My first serious relationship was torn because the distance that hard to avoid. Distance that grew the doubtness. It left me fallen too deep and hurt my self. Then another story that created drama. I believe that all the feelings were true, but we were not strong enough to defeat the emptiness while the distance took us apart.

Unbelieavably that's happening again right now. My heart is taken by someone that living thousands miles away. Different time zone, different season, different circle. Unreachable and untouchable. But I feel the strong addiction of his presence. A strong willing to just giving my attention and time for him. The moment we had was short but memorable. I have no idea wether we will ever meet again, but I wish we will. My heart is taken. Taken by him.

I try to against the imaginary hope which cover my rational. I dont say it wont work, but we havent even talk about it. I'm afraid he kills his feeling. I'm afraid its uneven. I open my heart and mind, at least I think I do so. Giving other guys chances. But seems not working well. My heart still belongs to him. What am I suppose to do?

I want to know what is he thinking about. Wonder if I ever cross his mind. If he ever wants me more than this. If he ever miss me as much as I do. I miss him. I want him. I crave for him. And the distance kills.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Story of my life: 2013

This is the last day of this year, 2013. Things have been changed a lot and many lessons learnt. Met new friends, new experience, new point of view. 2013 could be passed by without compromise, and it was hard for me, although a lot of fun went along. Memories stay and saved. Hope all of you having a blast New Year's Eve and can be a better person also reach all the goals. Over all, no matter how hard your life is, don't ever give and keep moving forward. :')

Furthermore, these are some highlights from my 2013.

NYE 2012-2013

girls date <3 td="">

Sing with the joy, DVT Queens

Show with Only Seven Left by the Dutch Embassy

First date holiday
March and April
Attended vietnamese wedding 

New good vietnamese friends

joined a new community

Broken hearted but have great friends around

swim alot

enjoy car free day

Vesak trip to Borobudur

met someone that gave me a lesson

after few years finally we met again

Met someone that can light my days
Trip to Borneo, Kalimantan

Caesar's wedding
My birthday session 1

Eid Mubarak 

My birthday party

Party with roommates on my birthday
Friend that too tall

Ethnics Fashion Shows

Party with good people

Mel's graduation pool party

Farewell Dinner for Stephen
Party with my former boss

Halloween this year!
Swanky tunes action

European Higher Education fair for Hanze

The sweetest guy ever
Kick out the sadness with these awesome chill people

Christmas lunch with beautiful best friends

dea's birthday :*

Poppy's wedding

Seems like full of happiness right? But this year I was broken heart so badly and transform my self, pushed me to do something more spontan. Was a great lesson to went through. I thank God for everything that happened in my life. I wouldnt be me if I didn't pass all of these. :)